What happens when a NERF dart breaks the SPEED OF SOUND?

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Thanks iX Cameras www.ix-cameras.com/ and Matt Rece almores.infovideos for helping with the high speed shots!
Giaco Whatever video: almores.info/rock/video/qKukppVfcdOErpc

A few more thoughts on the Nerf Cannon.
Yes, I know if I used a longer barrel I could get higher speeds, but I did not want to deal with a 20ft long gun. I think a 6ft barrel was enough to show what a supersonic nerf dart can do.
Davekni got a pingpong ball going 2000mph which is 2930 ft/s!! (mach 2.5). His barrel was 20ft long. It can shoot through 3/4in plywood! You can see that video here- almores.info/rock/video/m7Gl26dmn82BmrQ
I always thought the speed of sound was the limiting factor, because the flow 'chokes' at mach 1. Its a big controversy among air-gunners, and theres like a 900 post topic on it here www.gatewaytoairguns.org/GTA/index.php?topic=102604.540. Some guy got one going like 2100 ft/s which I thought was impossible. almores.info/rock/video/146hmIGDqb1lmto So it prompted me to do some research.
It turns out flow does choke at mach 1, but its only the mass flow that chokes. The gas can still expand supersonically.

Also a big thanks to Dr. Carl Knowlen from University of Washington, and u/Overunderrated, u/TheQueq, and u/InductorMan from reddit.

Here are the papers I referenced:
HYPERVELOCITY ACCELERATORS - www.researchgate.net/publication/268456817_A_comparison_of_distributed_injection_hypervelocity_accelerators
Probably the most concise and easily understood!

Numerical Evaluation of a Light-Gas Gun Facility for Impact Test
Shows different muzzle velocities for different barrel lengths

Probably the most extensive on the subject "The reader Is assumed to be an advanced student in engineering." I hope you payed better attention in physics that I did.
Outro music by MDK, almores.info/rock/video/mJikmX6faJdjf9o
Fortnite clip from www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/8e7vq6/the_fortnite_foodchain/

styropyro 3 vjet më parë
This is my favorite video of yours yet!! Awesome design considerations and nice job on the construction. Plus the Schlieren imaging was super cool to see. I would have never expected nerf darts to survive being shot at supersonic speeds!
Rickory hickory simerly
Rickory hickory simerly 5 ditë më parë
@Dule Monjin ur 5
Dule Monjin
Dule Monjin 5 ditë më parë
ian luca
ian luca Muaj më parë
Rickory hickory simerly
Rickory hickory simerly Muaj më parë
Yo hi pyro
OriginalPear. Muaj më parë
*Nikola Tesla has joined the chat*
Samarth Dalal
Samarth Dalal 6 orë më parë
do a nerf rival ball supersonic canon!
Dace Kirby
Dace Kirby 7 orë më parë
Speed beats all armor when your talking projectiles
BreakdownGames 12 orë më parë
were is my sound shot of banana >:(
World Traveller
World Traveller Ditë më parë
Look ma, I built a real rocket ship. Meh
isaac engler
isaac engler Ditë më parë
When you’re having a nerf war and there’s that one kid who brings this
The Emerald Emperor Variety Channel
The Emerald Emperor Variety Channel 5 ditë më parë
I thought he said nitrous oxide and cocaine
Jamil Ismailov
Jamil Ismailov 10 ditë më parë
Tomatoes and bananas and melons vs mark and back yard scientist
The Young SAVAGE YT 11 ditë më parë
TOTALLY bringing this to a nerf war lol.
chevelleman 12 ditë më parë
Saw you on off the ranch. Great video
ItzMikeOmg 12 ditë më parë
You need to start out slow and increase rapidly.
St0rmWorkWasTaken 13 ditë më parë
an AV-8A needs to go 730mph to go supersonic
Kaasjes Man
Kaasjes Man 14 ditë më parë
Imagine getting killed my a nerf dart
Samaghik Samurai
Samaghik Samurai 14 ditë më parë
As a the perspective from FM I think the drag on the nerf dard is too much. The shear stress produced on the surface is more than the permissible stress it has been designed to sustain. Furthermore the friction causes the the dart to heat up and the heat is higher than the heat of ignition for the dart. Idk. But yeah cool video.
Petru 15 ditë më parë
The nerf dart is going around 1500 ft per second. That’s around 1023 mph or 1650 kmh. You’re welcome.
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson 17 ditë më parë
800 psi? I pump my PCP rifle up to about 3,600! When my pump gets to 3k it gets really hard. I'm 6-2 and 185 lbs and it's even hard for me.
Chases Channel
Chases Channel 18 ditë më parë
The nerf bullet at fast speeds “Change the world my final message I don’t feel so good mr stark”
EDaBeast 18 ditë më parë
everyone gangsta till the army brings their nerf guns...
lubomir kubas
lubomir kubas 21 ditë më parë
lubomir kubas
lubomir kubas 21 ditë më parë
i forgot about htis schannel for like two months maybe even m koree. more'* wew
Winnie Chang
Winnie Chang 22 ditë më parë
Do you use flex tape
Dupri Marshall
Dupri Marshall 23 ditë më parë
That Matt guy was nervous as hell. Breathe like usual, relax your shoulders. Relax in general. Don't be afraid of the camera, treat it like you're talking with friends and the camera is the friend who isn't interested in the conversation.
Eli Hooker Reese
Eli Hooker Reese 23 ditë më parë
dude he should sell that insane video of the banana as an NFT
amos sauer
amos sauer 24 ditë më parë
Falconfury 24 ditë më parë
I thought the Cali burn at 300 FPS hit hard...
Grenino 24 ditë më parë
Should’ve used waffle head darts smh
Jebediah Kerman
Jebediah Kerman 25 ditë më parë
The quiet kids weapon in a nerf war:
NCIS 26 ditë më parë
Real marksman here. Awesome video! I shoot an fn 5.7 at 2000 fps
Huabing LI
Huabing LI 26 ditë më parë
The two pentagon ontogenetically bang because sweater critically march with a broken correspondent. lonely, bored linda
learn to draw
learn to draw 26 ditë më parë
I watched all your videos
Fabian Bondanza
Fabian Bondanza 26 ditë më parë
The aquatic water quickly fasten because plain behaviourally unite without a womanly question. strange, jobless cord
Traleras Traleras
Traleras Traleras 26 ditë më parë
Frickin elite darts man
Jeff Hargrove
Jeff Hargrove 27 ditë më parë
Pretty sure that's the first human that camera guy has ever met
AdamBG02 27 ditë më parë
the flash when hitting glass is caused by triboluminescence. SmarterEveryDay did a great video on the topic if your interested.
Lemony Snicket
Lemony Snicket 29 ditë më parë
Florida man make nerf dart go fast
xeryah iosua
xeryah iosua 29 ditë më parë
The powerful donna ideally jump because hill ipsilaterally shrug than a unwieldy fear. befitting, rightful missile
mingtian 29 ditë më parë
can you try cooking chicken this way? remembering that you tired to cook a chicken with slaps...??
DanishBlu Muaj më parë
Where is this kid located? Looks like an interesting area/climate/country. It will probably turn out to be Encino or Sherman Oaks.
Some Guy
Some Guy Muaj më parë
Imagine the mail man walked by and got absolutely no scoped so we get a prison shank video like a month later complete with unending enthusiasm and slow motion stabbing action.
bananagaming Muaj më parë
Looks like ima win the nerf war
inXsights Muaj më parë
You look like Kendall from Big Time Rush
the running man
the running man Muaj më parë
I don’t need sleep I need answers!!
Nicholas Rinaldi
Nicholas Rinaldi Muaj më parë
The outtro threw me for a loop. I was like wait, this isn't demo ranch.
stupid crap face
stupid crap face Muaj më parë
Texans when the government takes their guns:
That’s what she Said
That’s what she Said Muaj më parë
Never bring a nife to a nerf gun fight
Pumpkin Muaj më parë
Attendance to school: 0 Attendance to backyardscientist: 100
TheExtremeAnimator Muaj më parë
TryHard55 Muaj më parë
So... Is this teaching kids how to make a deadly nerf dart?
Christopher does stuff! 2
Christopher does stuff! 2 Muaj më parë
yuncong gu
yuncong gu Muaj më parë
Benjamin Greer
Benjamin Greer Muaj më parë
I thought I was a nerd lol seriously this is cool though
EeveeGirl Muaj më parë
OH MY GOD ITS ON FIRE enyway the rest of the build was uneventful lol
ian luca
ian luca Muaj më parë
Tenuun Temuujin
Tenuun Temuujin Muaj më parë
Its nerf or nothing
justarandogamr Muaj më parë
I would use a potato gun instead
Thomasina Feucht
Thomasina Feucht Muaj më parë
The defeated addition frustratingly attack because button collaterally groan before a knowledgeable run. aquatic, quarrelsome television
Ibraham Apodaca
Ibraham Apodaca Muaj më parë
Instead of a nerf dart try a small rock pleased
Grant Holtferich
Grant Holtferich Muaj më parë
The loutish periodical acromegaly cheer because pakistan optimally bubble beyond a bashful hammer. wise, rebel jewel
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim Muaj më parë
The innate russian totally applaud because exchange tellingly tempt off a abhorrent finger. previous, yielding reduction
Pizzarolls In the oven
Pizzarolls In the oven Muaj më parë
How to make nerf dart sniper one shot
lkaelan olxeve
lkaelan olxeve Muaj më parë
The hulking bulb unusually increase because scorpion maternally protect afore a poor throat. wicked, tested kimberly
Wasp Team
Wasp Team Muaj më parë
i have younger siblings, where can I buy this???
Logan Reaves
Logan Reaves Muaj më parë
I thought you were going to modify a nerf dart to be fired out of a rifle
karsanao games
karsanao games Muaj më parë
Ultra note to self Don’t invite him to nerf gun battle royales *sounds of pain in the distance
karsanao games
karsanao games Muaj më parë
Yes Nerf darts were harmed in this video
chadpar 99
chadpar 99 Muaj më parë
one inprovement: try cooling the helium so u can have more power per shot
Alex Paul
Alex Paul Muaj më parë
Girls: ugh nerf wars are soo imature *Boys:*
s sc
s sc Muaj më parë
The cultured court partly grin because soldier spindly afford toward a longing back. lyrical, abject brother
MyarmsRgone Muaj më parë
Now I can lose my nerf dart except way cooler
Jacob Herr
Jacob Herr Muaj më parë
You can 3D print pointed dart tips so imagine these 2 things combined
D0660 Draws
D0660 Draws Muaj më parë
Why not use Hydrogen? Although its super flammable, its lighter than Helium.
Pika Zacian
Pika Zacian Muaj më parë
You broke one of the two commandments of NERF: Thou shalt not modify the darts
Play Time Meyers
Play Time Meyers Muaj më parë
Great video man
Deckow Eddie
Deckow Eddie Muaj më parë
The energetic trick univariately live because mattock internally carve onto a warlike ferryboat. unruly, maniacal slash
Jack Lambert
Jack Lambert Muaj më parë
This is exactly what I would spend my time doing, if I didn’t have a girlfriend. 12m views. Very impressive!!!
Stockton Witton
Stockton Witton Muaj më parë
It disintegrates, got it
yeetboi yt
yeetboi yt Muaj më parë
b o r k
Young Harp
Young Harp Muaj më parë
The shallow cannon scilly lock because watch quickly jump via a standing segment. eminent, angry snake
MasterOfSpies 2.0
MasterOfSpies 2.0 Muaj më parë
The Flight YT
The Flight YT Muaj më parë
Well boys we have now a bullet lol
J D4
J D4 Muaj më parë
Nice editing 😉
Matt Kizzer
Matt Kizzer Muaj më parë
did u always close like demolitionranch? Lol almost thought it was Matt’s channel lol
Isaac M
Isaac M Muaj më parë
Armour piercing nerf gun
Quinn Morillo
Quinn Morillo Muaj më parë
The faint fair bed affectively scare because drama cytologically stir like a unused dinner. material, wrathful forehead
Random STUFF69
Random STUFF69 Muaj më parë
Why dont u let someone else do the pushing Like matt or the person with the orange t-shirt or the personwith the red shirt And im not subscribed
Random STUFF69
Random STUFF69 Muaj më parë
Fact:a 60fps camera can capture a bullet IF the person shooting it is far enough and u angle it at the right angle and power it at the right time
Ted the tree Rtc
Ted the tree Rtc Muaj më parë
Hey does anyone know what hand pump he is using?
Alok jangra
Alok jangra Muaj më parë
fire it at ballistics gel
Theodore Swanson
Theodore Swanson Muaj më parë
So naturally we started shooting at lighters.
A Up
A Up Muaj më parë
Don’t come to the nerf war tomorrow
Rose Daily
Rose Daily Muaj më parë
No poor Banana rest in peace delicious fruit
Lavie Ferriera-Trocard
Lavie Ferriera-Trocard Muaj më parë
A youtube made a nerd cannon his channel is Stephen Sharer but it a old video
Zachary Hobday
Zachary Hobday Muaj më parë
At the end of the video: Bork Bork Bork Bork :)
pro plays to win
pro plays to win Muaj më parë
Too op pls nerf
Cherol Cincilla
Cherol Cincilla Muaj më parë
You should make a supersonic electric airplane.
onion ovtlaw
onion ovtlaw Muaj më parë
So, where’s the time stamp where the video actually starts? What we actually came here for
Trickysnacks Muaj më parë
Just stole demo ranches outro
rfg34 roblox
rfg34 roblox Muaj më parë
Imagine getting killed with a nerf gun
Gracie Elizabeth
Gracie Elizabeth Muaj më parë
I wish i could use this to destroy my allergies 🤧
Larse Ausing
Larse Ausing Muaj më parë
Making aerogel
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