Reacting To The Worlds Biggest House ($500 000 000)

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SimpleMotions-2 Orë më parë
future of this house it will be used for the main shorts and movies from brazzers thats all
Shoot2win 04
Shoot2win 04 2 orë më parë
does pewds have a fooly cooly poster in the background?
ParadigmShifta 4 orë më parë
Producer Michael is a great guy Pewds, you should have him on the channel.
Randell Darky
Randell Darky 6 orë më parë
My phone does flips to. How about Yours? The balcony is for throwing clients off, that don't agree with You.
Ayleen Reyes
Ayleen Reyes 8 orë më parë
When teachers say "change the world" just buy a house. 😂
AlastorV6 8 orë më parë
Donal Trump here really investing in this whole Mansion thing after losing the Election
Niklas Müller
Niklas Müller 8 orë më parë
Gold Legs Gang
Esoteric Games
Esoteric Games 8 orë më parë
2:40 My mans lookin like Donald Trump
Adriana nieves
Adriana nieves 9 orë më parë
If they turn it into a museum of the “future exhibit” that would be cool
Gabby 11 orë më parë
this mans actually Micheal Scott
Immortal 15 orë më parë
Mukesh ambani has house worth 1 billion
UnKownBros 19 orë më parë
Felix how do you know they don't make playboys anymore Mirza was asking
Pinned by PewDiePie
Pinned by PewDiePie 18 orë më parë
C...O....N....T.....A.....C.....T M......E..... O.....N..... W.....H.....A......T.....S......A....P.....P...... +1...."2....."6....."7....."3....."8...."9....."1....."5...."3....."5.
Terraine Grace
Terraine Grace Ditë më parë
Imagine how lonely you’d be in that house. All this room and no company, all these empty seats. You’d go insane in this place lol.
Colonel Nerdy Man
Colonel Nerdy Man Ditë më parë
I would rather watch paint dry then hang out with that guy
Some Body (Sintrinsic)
Some Body (Sintrinsic) Ditë më parë
Please, how does someone so stupid get so much money?
clynt Ditë më parë
I'd pay $500,000,000 for another one of these videos
SUPERSHASHA Ditë më parë
It’s sad because this is the pinnacle of Southern California. I really hate going to LA and seeing all these entitled people, especially when they start talking.
Lizzy Kenyon
Lizzy Kenyon Ditë më parë
I would hate to live there 😟
Molly Urbanek
Molly Urbanek Ditë më parë
they could just build a regular house with a big ducking waterpark in the backyard
Saasie Ditë më parë
The reason why the interviewer is so excited to walk on the grass must be bc he's british and in Britain you're not allowed to walk on the grass in parks with those low fence/rail things lmao
ヴィニーマーク Ditë më parë
What you gotta do with a big house when you have a beautiful wife like Marzia living with you on a same house? RIGGGHTTTT?
John Odei
John Odei Ditë më parë
He looks like a 2021 drug dealer...
PsyFi Ditë më parë
Dayum Sive hitting us with that "the world" at 7:08 lol
Madhav Agal
Madhav Agal Ditë më parë
It's not the most expensive house in the world though. That's Mukesh Ambani's house worth $2.6B
Jordan White
Jordan White Ditë më parë
has anyone noticed the OTHER people walking around touring the house, as if he's already tryin to sell it
Black Soul Entertainmet
Black Soul Entertainmet 2 ditë më parë
i love how they’re touring the whole house and it has all these venues and stuff, BUT YOU NEVER SEE THE BEDROOM WHERE IS THE BEDROOM ITS A FRICKEN HOUSE?!???!?!
JokoBlue 2 ditë më parë
Weirdly enough, I feel better about my future.
I drink milk
I drink milk 2 ditë më parë
Living on a farm your whole life is better. Seriously, I grew up on a farm, it’s amazing
Mutesik cz
Mutesik cz 2 ditë më parë
20:49 best part
kcá.aprillady 2 ditë më parë
Brazilians watching this be like: "Who clean this house?!" Imagine the energy and water bills its ALL white, no charm, no warmth, where are the cacarecos?? Looks like a mall" They talking about grass in a house like It was something out of normality. Everybody have them, i really dont get rich people.
PiiNKxLIPS 2 ditë më parë
Who is this guy and how did he get rich?
Silorion 2 ditë më parë
I keep imagining being in some sort of lonely apocalypse scenario and stumbling around this place trying to figure out what the hell it was supposed to be. The place is mind boggling if you have no context.
mattias mansoor
mattias mansoor 2 ditë më parë
A.M Chadain
A.M Chadain 2 ditë më parë
think my man was inspired the poe's ' the masque of the red death'
CRIMSON FILMS 3 ditë më parë
Was that house a museum or……
Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy 3 ditë më parë
It’s so empty it’s like when I build a big ass house on Minecraft and can’t fill it
vmwindustries 3 ditë më parë
Should be a two bc is shit, not piss.
JiggyMcPeebles 3 ditë më parë
This man got the same sort of logic as joe Biden
Guardian101 3 ditë më parë
That must be a pain when the cleaning person has to figure out how to dust the high shelves and get the spiderwebs out of the corners of the ceiling in that office also that house is the biggest waste of money I’ve ever seen
peachesandsunshine9 3 ditë më parë
OK, his house may be used to rent out for Rapper music videos
Dionysus Fascinus
Dionysus Fascinus 3 ditë më parë
- That wine room really should just be a huge aquarium, that would actually be decent-ish. - Turn that office into a green house, use the balcony to pluck coconuts or something. 😂 - Instead of the turning sculpture, plant one of those 50 fruit trees. - All that glass and not a single toilet behind a one way piece of glass? You could enjoy the view while taking shit.
ヴィニーマーク Ditë më parë
Ikr? like you don't have to really worry about privacy because the house is so freakin high up
Darcy Nicholson
Darcy Nicholson 3 ditë më parë
The naive mini-skirt climatologically hurry because shark ordinarily try but a rapid cinema. scientific, magenta bicycle
Kardinaalilintu 3 ditë më parë
This just looks like government bureau/office. I don't understand what is so incredibly cool about soulless white blocky rooms with hardly any design aside from squares and "This is so art"- art.
LiftedLightning73 3 ditë më parë
I was watching this and the ad was so random people were ghetto girl paid for other people’s stuff at their house
SeemsLikeSomething 3 ditë më parë
This is what happens when you peacock a little too hard because you’re a major simp, then the ladies all leave and you’re left with 217 million dollars of monthly expenses. Smol PP energy is what this ONE has. Lol
Allacra 3 ditë më parë
25:01 "All of my flowers are artificial, but you could never tell." Literally the first thing I noticed was the ARTIFICIAL flowers. I knew they were artificial.... LOL!!
Allacra 3 ditë më parë
The first guy wants to use events to pay for his house. $35,000 per ticket for a grass yard boxing match with dinner. :)
Сигвард из Катарины
Сигвард из Катарины 3 ditë më parë
The biggest house in the world is Putin's house
сем маленькіх цытрын
сем маленькіх цытрын 3 ditë më parë
i love bulling rich people
Elle V.
Elle V. 3 ditë më parë
Geez how much windex would you need to wash all that glass!
Reconcile 3 ditë më parë
"This house feels liveable" has a nightclub "this house feels warm" has 20% glass and the rest is open
Tashfin Khan
Tashfin Khan 4 ditë më parë
Imagine the developer watching this video.
The MinoN
The MinoN 4 ditë më parë
The most expensive and biggest house in this world is 'Antilia' it costs more than a billion and it is located in Mumbai, India
Toshirou Hitsugaya
Toshirou Hitsugaya 4 ditë më parë
No shit his house was probably made by some minecraft architect
Griselda Puppy
Griselda Puppy 4 ditë më parë
*900 people at 40k each is 36 million. This dummie really is tryna pay his mortgage by hosting 'eNeRgEtIc eVeNtS' in his backyard. Laughable!*
Janne-K 4 ditë më parë
i was wondering why the house was so friggin empty, until he mentioned that he got divorced.
shortcxke_Anime 4 ditë më parë
Is he thinking he is going to change the
Reed Mack
Reed Mack 4 ditë më parë
I feel like it should be for like homeless people or a orphanage
Grace staw
Grace staw 4 ditë më parë
I love how rich people are watching other rich people's home
Tristan van Vlodrop
Tristan van Vlodrop 4 ditë më parë
Ive already watched the original vid, and i know this is gonna be a very funny reaction vid🤣
Alicia Lane
Alicia Lane 4 ditë më parë
That producer, Michael, from the very beginning keeps referencing his channel like everyone watches it. “That’s the best answer we’ve had on the channel!” Normally I wouldn’t care, but throw in the shirt, the shoes, and the sunglasses is just too cringe. I’m sure he’s a nice guy though! 🤣
Noel Ashley
Noel Ashley 4 ditë më parë
My heart stopped when I heard my name.
DefagoLion 4 ditë më parë
I was expected this to be mind blown, well it is but in a cringe side.
Shaya Julio
Shaya Julio 5 ditë më parë
For some reason I thought this house looked like notch’s house the creator of Minecraft 😂
AMAZING ALICE 5 ditë më parë
I live in one
What 5 ditë më parë
Alex lol
Alex lol 5 ditë më parë
Like ken’s wife said, these houses end up looking like hotels lmao. What’s the point
Alicia Lane
Alicia Lane 4 ditë më parë
I totally agree. If you want this to look like a kick ass house, make it look like a house! On the other hand the house would be such a massive mansion it would look like a museum that went out of business
Quinton Mlambo
Quinton Mlambo 5 ditë më parë
I feel like these guys are hating
Blooms 613
Blooms 613 5 ditë më parë
bro i talked about selling sunset the same time he did. The houses look so similar.
Sohail Rehman
Sohail Rehman 5 ditë më parë
6:23 michael scott vibes
Jonathan Wolf
Jonathan Wolf 5 ditë më parë
The guy with the house is literally the narrator of “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning
Ida Ludvigsen
Ida Ludvigsen 5 ditë më parë
can you react to the part 2 also ?
cosmo 5 ditë më parë
And he missed the part with the camera into the men’s bathroom LOL
SithLordmatthew 5 ditë më parë
How do you mow that place? It was clearly done with a 21 inch mower. But where does that even get access to the lawn from it looked like wall to wall house or moat. Is there some secret mower closet to house the land locked mower. And having dealt with rich assholes and there pools bordering grass. I promise that moat is going to have grass getting in it all the time if you trim your get grass in if you cut the perimeter your get grass in if you edge your get grass in it. Also is this place bagged if so how do you get the clippings out of your marble home with out making a nasty mess. And who the hell wants to mow 1 acre in L.A sun with a 21.
Lasse Mouritsen
Lasse Mouritsen 5 ditë më parë
This so called house is creatively bankrupt.
T. Chau
T. Chau 5 ditë më parë
Sometimes... things that are expensive... are worse
Random Cubing
Random Cubing 5 ditë më parë
Bill Gates surely knows what he desires.
Danger QD
Danger QD 5 ditë më parë
i can hear Corpse_Husband SEEEEEETHING on his fang/tooth bones at the pretentious and uselessness of this house xD
Danger QD
Danger QD 5 ditë më parë
i hope they get haunted xD
Hunt 6 ditë më parë
I'll just live in an regular house or apartment and waste that money on stuff that are worth the investment. That house just gives give me an headache and always makes me say "Why?".
Asapps 6 ditë më parë
Could someone give me $300 million and I'll make a proper $500 million house.
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown 6 ditë më parë
What's the point of a $500,000,000 house if it doesn't look like a medieval castle with one of those bridges that you have to pull a chain to let it down
M A X 6 ditë më parë
This looks like a house a kid would build in the Sims 4 using the “motherlode” cheat ☠️
NoYezz 6 ditë më parë
please no more, lol
TalkSick Gamer
TalkSick Gamer 6 ditë më parë
"The One - Biggest house in urban world with 100,000 sq. ft. area" Mukesh Ambani standing on top of Antilia with 400,000 sq. ft. area. - "Ahem, biggest house in urban world...think again"
Sera Chylle
Sera Chylle 6 ditë më parë
That's just someone who motherloded sims and they just didn't know what to do with all the simoleons.
IronPiedmont1996 6 ditë më parë
I never understood the appeal of these giant Apple store looking mansions. Like they said in the video, there's no personality. If I were to build a giant mansion, I would make it look like Andrew Jackson's Hermitage or the Biltmore House. You know? Give it some character!
Alex lol
Alex lol 6 ditë më parë
10:15, he meant the vibe not the acutaly eletrcity.... still dumb tho lmao
Lud Mak.
Lud Mak. 6 ditë më parë
this is me trying to explain my mom on why did i waste money on useless stuff.
Alex lol
Alex lol 6 ditë më parë
80 degrees is cold when there’s wind!
XxfusionxX4211 Xbox
XxfusionxX4211 Xbox 6 ditë më parë
We have 11 acres - your 1 10 more acres for 242000
Philip Pina
Philip Pina 6 ditë më parë
Did he say he met his EX wife during Covid?
can yildiz
can yildiz 6 ditë më parë
The shit he sayin about the things the house will do for the world is total bullahit he clearly made up right there and then. He had no idea what he was doing and itsays so much about the efficiency and ethicacy of capitalism. How the fuck did he get the money to maks thathouse so easily?
CEF 6 ditë më parë
You are the brother of Bo Burnham?
Pixelate 6 ditë më parë
I cant believe they skipped the part where he says he'll put cameras on men's urinols and the monitor on women's toilet to say he'll make men behave in LA
D Mac
D Mac 6 ditë më parë
Having astroturf instead of real grass is 300IQ big brain shit.
Rebecca Chance
Rebecca Chance 6 ditë më parë
The most tackiest expensive house I've ever seen
Markus 6 ditë më parë
Proof that you don't need to be smart to be filthy rich
Tony Vergo
Tony Vergo 6 ditë më parë
if I had money I'd spend it
Ghost c4t
Ghost c4t 7 ditë më parë
looks like a minecraft house
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