How to have an Accurate Rifle ~ It's not what you might have been told!

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Accuracy and the required standards of given rifles are commonly exaggerated and misunderstood. Understanding the design limitations of various rifles and their required accuracy performance is not the same universal standard, nor should it be. Here, I discuss everything you need to know to have full confidence in your rifle, how to achieve the best accuracy, assess accuracy issues, and why your rifle may be more accurate than you've been led to believe.

ronws2007 9 orë më parë
Such a good lesson that I had to watch it again. Everything he says is spot on from my personal experience. Especially the need for consistency. I have worked out the kinks of the scope on my AR-10. Needed a "sport" scope mount, which is elevated and offset. Anyway, so, this rifle I have is really light. Before scope, 7.5 pounds "naked." Scope is 24 oz. I changed the telescoping stock on carbine tube to Magpul PRS Gen III stock on rifle tube. Adjusted the weight difference for that. All total, about 9 pounds and 14 ounces, most of that difference from 7.5 pounds is the Diamondback Tactical scope. So, it is very responsive. I was spoiled on the MVP, which is a heavy wooden stock and heavy bull barrel. Which makes sense, because it was conceived as a varmint rifle. The V in MVP stands for varmint and the first chambering was .223 Rem. So, it is also a good bench rifle. But I took it hunting this last season. Now, this AR-10 will be my hunting rifle. But I have had to learn to shoot, again. The basics. Relax, quit tensing, breathe. The recoil is minimal. With a heavy rifle buffer and the cushy pad on the PRS, it just like a pushy .223 Rem. Single finger pad on the trigger. Divorce the pressing finger from the rest of all creation. Once I did that, I was back to one inch at 100 yards, which is sub minute of deer.Tried again at 50 yards, which is the actual effective distance of where I can hunt and it is sub MOA. So, the rifle is great, the ammo is good and usable and I tried different ammos which are close enough to each other that I do not have to keep changing ammo when I try another brand. But I did have a question or observation I should have started with. Because I am not an expert. Certainly never was a sniper. But I have been fairly accurate with firearms for most of my life. Give me a good weapon and I can do great things. Anyway, so, in the age of YT where people can show their target sheets, I see a disturbing trend among mostly young people but a few others, as well, who count flyers when considering the accuracy of the rifle. Now, I can see where a flyer may have something to do with ammo. For example, trying a new ammo in a semi-auto, such as my AR-10, I did have one double feed, which is a result of over gassing. And this is after I already boosted the weight of my rifle length buffer to 6.1 oz. No need to keep chasing weights. I simply determined that one round had more gas pressure than the rest. And that was it, the rest of shooting was fine. So, I get chalking a flyer to a change in load. But most times, a flyer has to do with the shooter pulling on the trigger press. Or, in some cases, wind gusts at the location of target outside. Why don't they discount the flyer? Because many guns and many brands of ammo are shooting 1 MOA and less at 100 yards. Which is also plenty accurate for deer hunting, which is my philosophy of use.
Russell Miller
Russell Miller 18 orë më parë
Even those who have diverse shooting experience with long guns and handguns will fall short of shooting fundamentals at times, especially if switching from gun to gun. For instance, one’s cheek position on the stock, even if changed slightly from one string of rounds to the other, will usually cause a shift in the position of the group. That is due to the change in the angle the shooter is looking through the site (optic or iron). Subtle deviations within one’s natural / preferred shooting position are often undetectable at first, and will become big issues when attempting to connect with targets beyond 350 yards. Obviously, this cannot be helped in the field, which is why it is essential to mitigate the human factor as much as possible during the initial zero with a solid, comfortable and complete rest, ideally a large or 2 small sand bags to provide support at the fore-end and stock. If the shooter prefers to hold the fore end in against the sand bag, the downward pressure will have little to no effect on the strike of the bullet.
Ray Nelson
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I've misinterpreted MOA for many years thinking in this series for 1 MOA; 50 Yards - 1/2", 100 yards - 1", 200 yards - 2", 300 yards 4", 400 yards - 8", and so on. My thinking was that the spread in grouping doubles with 100 yard distance increments out from 100 yards rather that adding 1 inch for each subsequent 100 yards. This progression is just about the best accuracy I can get. I don't recall ever shooting out to 1,000 yards but would never expect to hit much of anything let alone within 10 inches. While I know others who are better marksmen, 300 yards is a long ways out and just about it for me. The best advice I have received from GunBlue has to do with point blank sighting-in and I now sight in for impact of 2 to 3 inches high at 100 yards depending on my rifle rather than the "inch high at 100" of my youth. Anyway, thanks again for all your advice, particularly regarding hand loading!
IM DEAD TO ROSS Ditë më parë
I use a forked stick to help me steady my rifle. I do place the stick on my left foot so I can adjust the height
IM DEAD TO ROSS Ditë më parë
I wish this man read books online. His voice is crisp.
gsm3006 Ditë më parë
Can we please get a DVD/ video file of all your videos? For posterity.
carter thiessen
carter thiessen Ditë më parë
I've never had or loaded for a rifle that I couldn't get a handload to shoot 1.5 moa or better. I'm talking scoped bolt guns with a proficient shooter. Even the cheapest plastic stocked budget rifles can usually be loaded to 1 moa. Keep powders on hand with burn rates between h335 and 4831 and you can pretty much load anything
Dutch Mr.V
Dutch Mr.V 4 ditë më parë
Been doing everything he says for 45 years listen and learn he is spot on! Have turned every rifle I own into a 1moa gun Except for win 94 and ruger 44 mag carbine not made to be a Mia gun
oddjobbob 5 ditë më parë
I learned a lot. Will watch more. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge. If 1 MOA is one inch of deviation in 100 yds (best case definition is 1” diameter, but I think the correct definition is 1” radius) then 3 MOA rifle at 350 yds could be shooting anywhere in a 10.5” circle (best case definition ) or an 21” circle (more likely definition). I imagine the elk hopes that shooter with that rifle has a particularly good placement at 350 yds, or it could be limping away for a long time before nature takes its course. I want to listen to the ethics of that shot because it could be my math is wrong, and I would like to be corrected. Very informative YT, nonetheless.
Kajetan Dziebaj
Kajetan Dziebaj 8 ditë më parë
This is like finding a treasure chest of knowledge.
lotsaluck3 luck
lotsaluck3 luck 8 ditë më parë
knot hole in a tree...yeah, use to do that years ago...Thanx for nostalgia and good teaching.....Go Benny!
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mark weinsheimer
mark weinsheimer 10 ditë më parë
I learned a few things , thx
Jani Laine
Jani Laine 11 ditë më parë
4 minutes in the video and 2 commercials... not cool
Sean Page
Sean Page 11 ditë më parë
That’s a great looking rifle what is it…
Nolga Zoit
Nolga Zoit 6 ditë më parë
Winchester Model 70. Probably chambered in .270 Winchester. Yes, it's beautiful.
Juan Idrogo
Juan Idrogo 13 ditë më parë
You really learn
The Pine Barrener
The Pine Barrener 14 ditë më parë
I fall into the knot in a tree with a 9 year old box of shells category and I'm happy. Great video as always, Sir!👍
ASHOK KUMAR SINGH 15 ditë më parë
TheCheapShot 15 ditë më parë
I would pay you to supervise me truing up glass bedding and free-floating my Remington 721 270 Winchester rifle
MrMrmetro 18 ditë më parë
Can you be my Grandpa? Love the stories. You have forgotten more than I ever knew. Thank-you! Every gun owner needs to watch this!
Jay Drake
Jay Drake 19 ditë më parë
Sorry I couldn’t watch your video there were too many commercials.
Raeesah Suliman
Raeesah Suliman 19 ditë më parë
You are an exceptional gentleman with a wealth of knowledge that should be acknowledged & given the honor that you have earned. Absolutely wonderful! p.s. I am using my wife’s iPad 😄
Brian Eaton
Brian Eaton 20 ditë më parë
“Moment of Deer”
AF 19 ditë më parë
*minute of deer
Craig Bauer
Craig Bauer 21 ditë më parë
You're not allowed to come to Colorado. Go somewhere else.
Slam Adams
Slam Adams 22 ditë më parë
*Master gunner school wants to know your location*
Thom Thompson
Thom Thompson 22 ditë më parë
Thank you for being such an excellent ambassador to the shooting sports. God bless you and your family and God bless Benny
Peter Posto
Peter Posto 23 ditë më parë
Thank you for the excellent presentation. Greetings from Bavaria!
GunBlue490 22 ditë më parë
Such a beautiful land you live in! Gott mit Dir Du Land der Bayern. Prosit!
spartin1997 23 ditë më parë
The scope thing with the opposite direction adjustment. The best way I can describe that and simplify it is you adjust the turret in the direction your bullet needs to go to meet your sight.
JAG 23 ditë më parë
Jesus I blacked out before you told be about accuracy lol ! Barrel resonance sir
CMV 23 ditë më parë
I've never seen a delta ring on a free floated AR barrel before. That's an interesting setup - who makes it?
Bob B
Bob B 23 ditë më parë
this guy is great, learning so much, thanks from canada
Steve Hutchinson
Steve Hutchinson 23 ditë më parë
That was literally a wealth of information and anyone can pick something out to apply to any level of shooters. 👍👍
Keith Brown
Keith Brown 24 ditë më parë
Wonderful video thank you
Kryo Strife
Kryo Strife 25 ditë më parë
I have seen $2000 setups used by guys and $500 setups outshoot those guys at the ranges. The one thing you cant buy is comprehension and experience
steve denis
steve denis 25 ditë më parë
This is why you need to listen to your elders . Lots of information shame that most of my shooting accuracy is well under 100 yards always nice to leans some more things. felt good seeing a another old 94 Winchester with top ejection . Have to say the side ejection of a casing is fine if you have a scope but nothing beat that casing flinging over you shoulder.
T Ellison
T Ellison 25 ditë më parë
213 thumbs down on this video....Why??
Stephen Mattison
Stephen Mattison 26 ditë më parë
GREAT audio from your lapel mic, no matter how you move! TYVM!!!
Antonioborg009 27 ditë më parë
I was happy to learn from you, and I noticed some points I'd heard but not taken to heart in my own shooting. Thanks for the tips, and take my subscription with compliments!
Gregory Miller
Gregory Miller 27 ditë më parë
I served in the Air Force as Security Police. We were armed with the M-16 as our basic weapon. I was at a SAC base which meant we had to qualify with our weapons every 6 months and be able to recite our weapons policy by command. I was starting as a bad score until the Range Master took me aside and imparted wisdom to me. There after I was able to qualify as a marksman with at least 95-100 penetration. Breathing is everything!!! Inhale, pull the trigger then exhale.
chev96 27 ditë më parë
I love watching these videos and learning more n more,I have become such a better shooter and have helped my friends that were having a tough time with their guns an accuracy even tho they were just your average hunting guns and they were getting frustrated and say good enough,they never realized how much error holding your gun differently or resting the barrel on something or how you squeeze the trigger vs jerking it was affecting the shots or just dif types of ammo.They have cut their groups down to close to MOA groups,they never new all the hidden potential they had til you put it all together its really neat to see it all work!
kubanskiloewe 27 ditë më parë
i like that small christian cross leaning on the wall.
adCaptandum Vulgus
adCaptandum Vulgus 27 ditë më parë
My turn of the century .22 pump is more accurate than I thought .22s ought to be.
Mattias wonder
Mattias wonder 28 ditë më parë
What a gentleman, So confident in his knowledge and experience and explains his view in a very humble way.
Jason Poche
Jason Poche 28 ditë më parë
Great watch. Thank you. Is that Central Grocery in New Orleans on your apron?
dougmahone 28 ditë më parë
Thank you , Thank you, Thank you for discussing the relationship between twist rate and the LENGTH of a projectile. I have an ongoing debate with some friends concerning this exact subject. They always insist that it is the weight that affects stabilization and I say it is the length. I am the only one that is a reloader and I try to explain that if you have two projectiles of similar construction that if one is heavier that it has to be longer since the caliber can not increase. For some reason they can not understand this. I think it is from seeing those charts that show stabilization as weight vs twist rates. I will be sure that they all see this video.
GunBlue490 28 ditë më parë
Have them watch my video dedicated to twist rates that I did about 3 years ago. One of the factors seldom realized or understood is that bullet shapes affect length, such that a weight normally stabilized can be unduly long, due to an extremely long, slender profile, as encountered in high B.C. match bullets. Similarly, ballistic tip bullets can do the same thing.
Jay Man
Jay Man 28 ditë më parë
Thank you for your time and knowledge.
Juan Idrogo
Juan Idrogo 28 ditë më parë
Learning, much knowledge and experience sharing for us
Mark T
Mark T 29 ditë më parë
Great video- LOTS to learn here!
Hungry Bird
Hungry Bird 29 ditë më parë
If I’m in a 4-6 “ circle @ 150 yds I’m happy with my rifle
Hungry Bird
Hungry Bird 29 ditë më parë
Could use some ammo
Lloyd Meyers
Lloyd Meyers Muaj më parë
What’s a good book to have to learn all about cartridges ballistics etc etc? Thanks
hubert rauschert
hubert rauschert Muaj më parë
High Gun Blue! I have some questions about practical group shooting. Always for hunting purposes. Is it necessary, recomendable to let the barrel cool down between shots? If components choice is poor and rare. What is the minimal procedure to develop a handload. I tried to shoot 3 shot groups select the lowest std deviation then adjust the seating depth,and normally less is better???than I control it at 200 yards and more or less it is aceptable for red deer.more or less a spread of 4 Inches.this with 6 power scopes .always hunting rifles. What do you think?I appreciate Thank You
Charles Huyck
Charles Huyck Muaj më parë
My 3006 s all shoot .33 moa and with 180 round nose .5 moa
Simone Stella
Simone Stella Muaj më parë
Would love to see you do a video series on the rifles you own and have experience with.
Cma 49
Cma 49 Muaj më parë
You know what your talking about because I've learned things the hard way. Hunting teaches you alot.
Fred Bentel
Fred Bentel Muaj më parë
Hoping everyone is keeping an eye on Biden's gun control! Contact your Representative and let them know "You will not comply" Be ready to stand together and resist! Get in touch with every gun club etc that you know and be on the same sheet of music for when the time comes do defend your 2nd amendment rights! Remember, it's when the government wants to take your guns is the reason we have the 2nd amendment in the first place!!!
professornuke Muaj më parë
I love your work. I am a man who gave up self bow making , and I still have some of the bows I made. I took pigeon with them and ate the birds. Love what you say, and also know that need these folk shooting through a sheet of paper should skill up or get out. I got out, because I can't do it. The pigeons were, as Dad would say, more arse than class (Ozztralia).
Bair Valentin
Bair Valentin Muaj më parë
The belligerent discussion appropriately dress because paper concordantly muddle into a grouchy nerve. calculating, medical grip
SFlightline Muaj më parë
I lost all confidence in this guy when he leaned his rifle up against his wall units... You NEVER, NEVER lean a rifle or a machine gun, shotgun etc. whether loaded or not, against a wall, cupboard, car, van, or anything for that matter, except inside your gun cabinet or rack. What an amateur!! Or just pure slapdash behaviour!!
AF Muaj më parë
what makes you think leaning a barrel against a wall is damaging? isn't the barrel made of steel? what could possibly happen?
David Fornkahl
David Fornkahl Muaj më parë
Great Video! When you said sometimes your rifle won't shoot normal weight ammo. Bullet grain weight. You said try some off the wall bullet weight for that caliber. You hit the nail on the head there. My .340 Weatherby did not shoot anything great. After ALOT of time and expense. I bought a box of 185 gr. Barnes TTSX bullets and handloaded them to around 3100 fps. I went out to my range, HOLY CRAP!!!! I couldn't believe it. Accuracy was amazing. Most groups were 1". None over 1-3)16". I have a Remington 700 in .257 Weatherby Magnum. Same deal. One day I was at local gun shop and seen some factory Weatherby ammo in 85 gr. Barnes TTSX. I shot them and got groups 3)4" and less.
mark im
mark im Muaj më parë
Shame so many ppl don’t get the art of the shot, or our love of the sport...we need everyone to met in the middle on everything , and call American politics done...
Farhad Khan
Farhad Khan Muaj më parë
John Whodat
John Whodat Muaj më parë
Accuracy to me means weather a squirrel gets away or not.
Richard Wilcox
Richard Wilcox Muaj më parë
I definitely agree with your advice to let the barrel cool between shots. I see shooters firing one shot after another, and being satisfied with the lousy group they shot.!!! I have found that most good quality rifles will place bullet holes on paper at 100 yards in a tight group under 1 inch , if you allow the barrel to cool to ambient temperature between shots. It takes patience, but it is worth the time to do it correctly. In my opinion, anyone who just shoots one shot after another to see how a rifle is grouping is wasting his talent, and not giving the rifle a chance to really show it's ability.
426 SUPER BEE Muaj më parë
5000 rounds is about the life of a barrel> Once sited in quit planking! Fine a cheap pellet gun to plank with ~ That leads to replacing it. If you can't replace it ? ITS JUNK. I seen rifle barrels that can not be replaced . There molded into 1 solid piece, and rifled out or bored out in the older models. The new models can be replaced > That clock on the wall is the best battery operated clock there is ! Its Very Dependable! There only a few ways to know what the true time is> When the power goes off, is by that clock, cell phones, battery computers, or a wrist watch
eracer1111 Muaj më parë
Note how he looks at the chamber every time when closing the action, even knowing full well the gun is not loaded. A good shooter knows and practices the four rules.
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Muaj më parë
Wow-what a great summary! I knew you would teach me something that I didn’t know and sure enough, bullet length-to-twist was it. I could never figure out the logic of having a heavier bullet not work as well in a fast twist. Compounded by the relative accuracy of a 105 howitzer with a 1:20 twist that scales down to a 1:2 twist for a 10.5mm...right? How in the world does my Springfield Armory 5.56 Saint need the 1:8 twist it has...and for that matter why wouldn’t 1:12 be better? The only thing that makes sense to me is the length of the bullet being too long, and having nothing to do with the actual weight of the round. Question: with all this going through my grape, the natural progression, if what I’m saying is accurate, is for the reemergence of progressive twist rifling...and even the possible application of barrel extensions that employ a progressive increase in twist to accommodate projectiles that require it??? I submit this question in the spirit of John Browning and Luke22:36 which we seem to correlate with! Shalom bshem Yeshua HaMashiach tsidkenu (Jer23:6) ✝️
GunBlue490 Muaj më parë
In answer, "gain" twist, as progressively quicker rifling is called, has been around for decades, and is still being offered by some custom barrel makers. While it has its devotees, no evidence exists that it accomplishes anything whatsoever. If a gain twist barrel starts at 12 and completes at 10, the bullet is stabilized at 10; it does not continue acceleration beyond the last rate. If it were to do so, its rotational spin a mere several more feet down range would cause immediate disintegration. Its proponents argue that gain twist applies spin more gently, but no evidence exists that such tenderness is required. Bullet jackets either hold together at whatever RPM is imparted, or they don't, and it matters not how that RPM was imparted. 1:8 twist is a very common rate of twist in 20 inch competition barrels for those desiring to use the full range of .224" target bullet weights from 55 grains and up in CMP and other events. Slower twists are certainly advantageous for varmint barrels, where lighter bullets and higher velocities are involved, because they won't cause undue stress on thin bullet jackets. The only reason for the existence of 1:7 twist is because long, heavy, steel core military bullets cannot be driven at sufficient velocity in short M-4 barrels to stabilize correctly. My Colt 20 inch 1:7 military spec barrel has accuracy issues due to violent jacket tearing with anything but the strongest 55 grain civilian bullets. I discussed these issues in hopes of educating folks about twist, as most barrels are simply too quick for the applications they are used for.
Moose Racks
Moose Racks Muaj më parë
You watch this guy...everytime he picks up a fire is pointed in a safe direction AND he opens the action...which WHAT I PRACTICE EVERY TIME I HANDLE A FIREARM
randy beard
randy beard Muaj më parë
I had a Great Uncle back in the 50's that could Take Your Rifle and Hit Close Groups, he was Very Steady and had Great Eyes for shooting Long Distance with Accuracy but he almost Lived in the Woods all of his life, hunting something everyday....
Sheepdog9 Muaj më parë
consistency is a key. Learned that in the police academy. It goes straight into muscle memory. We learned shooting under stress. But in the end, you need to know where your gun is and where your hands are. After that, nothing will drive you off because you have a base to stand on.
Jason Michael
Jason Michael Muaj më parë
What's a free-floating barrel
AF 19 ditë më parë
barrel not touching the stock, only contact is with reciever
CJ Becker
CJ Becker Muaj më parë
I'm only a minute in & wish this guy was my neighbor 👍
Peter Ruiz
Peter Ruiz Muaj më parë
195 dislikes: "MY AR15 is THE MOST ACCURATE....!!!"
Dan Mai
Dan Mai Muaj më parë
What a great professional. Top notch info and judging by the clock on the wall, you did it all in one take. Incredible these days.
ItchesIt Muaj më parë
That voice tho! ❤️
g regory
g regory Muaj më parë
You sir, are an American treasure.
Spetsnaz Bear-Медведь Спецназ
Spetsnaz Bear-Медведь Спецназ Muaj më parë
Wonderful talk on an interesting subject. . . Another term I have heard from Instructors is "Acceptable Accuracy" and found it to be very apt. Especially in dealing with new shooters, who sometimes have unreasonable expectations. Explained simply as "what is acceptable to me, may not be acceptable to you", and vise versa. I have friends that love to shoot, but can only get out a couple of times a year, their accepted expectations are a little lower, than my friends who are pro shooters and/or hunters. . . What is really fun though, when you can get someone with unreasonable expectations, and get to rethink their expectations, accept they are "beginners", go over some basics, and then watch them improve their skills in one sitting. Oh the smiles and laughter. This is when I find people get "the hook' for shooting. At first its 20 yrs, then 50, 75, 100, then they are phoning asking when the next time they can go shooting and do I need money for ammo. Priceless. Lastly... even for myself, there are some days I have to lower my "Acceptable Accuracy" as I might have been away for a bit.
Robert Mastes
Robert Mastes Muaj më parë
Take a junky rifle and learn how to shoot it well and then you will be able to shoot a great rifle like a pro. Great Video.
Leonard Vorhis
Leonard Vorhis Muaj më parë
Matt San Diego
Matt San Diego Muaj më parë
This is the best, most knowledgable, and most underrated firearms channel. Simple, realistic, practical, based on experience, no ego blowing smoke and mirrors, no cool factor bs, no macho bs, just straight helpful knowledge. Thank you Gunblue490.
Teddy Tinfoil
Teddy Tinfoil Muaj më parë
I typically define accuracy as a trifecta of: 1. Mechanical precision (the (quality + consistency) of the rifle + (quality + consistency) of the ammo used) 2. Intent of use (hunting, long range precision, ELR) 3. User's skill + human variables
tony deaton
tony deaton Muaj më parë
Minute-of-angle doesn't really mean anything anymore. Thirty years ago it did.
tony deaton
tony deaton Muaj më parë
@GunBlue490 you misunderstood my meaning I think. New, factory production, rifles will pretty commonly, shoot MOA accuracy. Factory barrels, on most rifles today, at least in my experience, perform better, on average, than production barrels did in the '50's and '60's. Collected pre 64 model 70's since the eighties and the older rifles are beautifully made but were always more difficult to dial-in than my modern guns. Had an early 30-06 that never did get to MOA.
GunBlue490 Muaj më parë
Minute of angle will always mean one inch per hundred yards, whether it was 30 years ago or a thousand years from now.
Paul Clay
Paul Clay Muaj më parë
B. Paul
B. Paul Muaj më parë
I love the story about his M16 that he used in the army. They replaced his faulty rifle with a different one. It made me laugh because I know that they didnt fix it and that they just issued it to the next dope that came along.
John Waller
John Waller Muaj më parë
What is accuwaracy?
harpintn Muaj më parë
This is the first one of your videos I have seen, I am now a subscriber.
Roger Carmichael
Roger Carmichael Muaj më parë
My older brother qualilfied as an NRA Distinguished Rifleman (I just made Expert) and went to the Air Force Academy to be on their Rifle Team> He said he learned from Russian rifle team that IF U kept your 2 eyeballs LEVEL it would add 2 or 3 points to your score> He used an "Off Set Bore" plate to attach to end of stock & press against barrel so that the only difference between shots was muzzle velocity so a fast bullet escaped b/4 the pressure pulse behind the bullet would react against the "Offset Bore Plate" but a slow bullet would be "Lofted" as barrel lifted slightly upward> Result was the rifle came into FOCUS at 600 yards (used a 375 H&H Magnum) He could put ALL rounds into a waste basket at 600 yards> What's an "Offset Bore"? Drill a hole thru a plate, then do a smaller hole but "Offset" .050" from center of the larger hole to generate 2 points @ 90^ for a 2 point contact w/barrel to act like a V-rest
Mark M
Mark M Muaj më parë
I smile every time you clear that weapon after picking it up. Excellent!
david harney
david harney Muaj më parë
Hi there Mr Accurate Did you realize you started this clip at ten to two . That to me if you didnt do it on purpose is a message from destiny for me and you
Kenneth Sproul
Kenneth Sproul Muaj më parë
An off topic question....Recently I came across a 98% Ruger no1 with 26" varmit barrel in 25 06 rem. I don't shot varmints, but I like the caliber for mule deer out here in the west, and love the Ruger No1 in general, the price was irresistible...The problem is the solid construction of the No 1 and the larger barrel make for a somewhat walkable rifle, but not ideal. I fortunately have several other suitable calibers and configurations to go deer hunting, the purchase was more about the the elegance of the Ruger, and the deal I got. Now for my question...I have a local gunsmith who specializes in reboring suitable rifles, 30 06. 270, 25 06, 280 etc to a 35 Whelen which I don't really need , but I do want. Do you think the No 1 with the 26" barrel is a good fit for the Whelen for class 2 and 3 big game? What twist rate would be the most efficient? I'm hoping to see a good drop in weight after the 35 caliber bore? Any input would be appreciated. A small aside, the gun is a 1999 manufacture date, and while valuable , not super collectable, yet? Based on your pervious videos I know you have sold a lot of firearms, how much does the change of caliber hurt the resale, down the road? The Smith is top flight. Thank you Sir
KE0KOY Muaj më parë
The clock on his wall happen to align perfectly with the time I am watching this.
James Hinterberg
James Hinterberg Muaj më parë
Many great points and so well articulated.
MinkyMonkeyMadness xmymkklra
MinkyMonkeyMadness xmymkklra Muaj më parë
The clock behind him said he did that all in one take! If his wisdom came in a spray spritzer, he'd be a billionaire.
Blake Barnett
Blake Barnett Muaj më parë
Exceptional! I have learned so much from this. Thank you so much. God bless.
Wendy Wood
Wendy Wood Muaj më parë
The exciting exclusive caterpillar philly invent because headlight sporadically man over a waggish pear. unique, phobic skate
frenchfry farmer
frenchfry farmer Muaj më parë
Shot a model 70 pre 64 Winchester in 1987 while stationed in Hawaii....nearly stacked three shots perfectly ...all within the circumference of a dime at 100 yards... couldn't believe my eyes. Wish I could still do that feat.
j HAS Muaj më parë
wow did you realy give me the input that i need thank you
texaswader Muaj më parë
Like John Snyder below I too have been shooting most all of my life, 55 years and I learn something from each of your videos. Thank you sir.
JD Spears
JD Spears Muaj më parë
About your fore rest segment, If a plywood cut out is a no no. What about pin attached tripods? Would that also be conducive to vibrations?
Todd Wg6100
Todd Wg6100 Muaj më parë
Ethics? what are these, "ethics" he speaks of? (modern generations)
The Ugly Truth: Cannons better than .50cal?
Military Aviation History
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Hercai 66. Bölüm
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Alev Alev 23. Bölüm Fragman
Alev Alev
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BMW M4 v AMG C63 v Audi RS5 - DRAG RACE
Kraut Space Magic: the H&K G11
Forgotten Weapons
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How to Choose a Defensive Handgun - Why not a Glock
Hercai 66. Bölüm
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Alev Alev 23. Bölüm Fragman
Alev Alev
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BMW M4 v AMG C63 v Audi RS5 - DRAG RACE
Squishy Makeovers:  Easter Edition
Moriah Elizabeth
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Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury!
The ACE Family
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BMW M4 v AMG C63 v Audi RS5 - DRAG RACE