100 Days in a Minecraft World

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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D
Stats pages: imgur.com/a/QwNyi37

Seed: -8752606928398412679
Twitter: LDShadowLady
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Instagram: ldshadowlady
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady

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LDShadowLady Muaj më parë
For those interested, the world seed is: -8752606928398412679 on a 1.16.1 Minecraft JAVA on PC world
Džesika Yang
Džesika Yang 15 ditë më parë
Hiii Lizzie could you tell me please how u make ur minecraft graphics so cute and cool🥺( ps. THIS VIDEOOO IS SO COOL)
Elçin Savaş
Elçin Savaş 19 ditë më parë
Anj 19 ditë më parë
Do s part 2 of this
Hazel Bennett
Hazel Bennett 19 ditë më parë
Suleman Khan
Suleman Khan 19 ditë më parë
Hey can you please tell me the name of the game please
PhantomFreddy235 2 minuta më parë
Plz tell me how she got a enchantment table before a diamond pickaxe
Zoi Tsakmakidou
Zoi Tsakmakidou 16 minuta më parë
30:41 you : on the ground Me: EVERYTHING I NEED IS ON THE GROUND LOL I'm blink
That Cookie MochaCuteChan
That Cookie MochaCuteChan 22 minuta më parë
Rose Turner
Rose Turner 36 minuta më parë
you should do 600 days
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim 54 minuta më parë
Diamonds can be found in y-11
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim Orë më parë
To make a better slime farm better make the space more bigger to make more efficient
hatice karakose
hatice karakose Orë më parë
Claudiu Ovidiu
Claudiu Ovidiu 2 orë më parë
I love it
Leah Thompson
Leah Thompson 3 orë më parë
I would've died on day one😂
Owen B
Owen B 3 orë më parë
Ah yes. Those villager trades were really driving her crazy. She got to the point of calling emeralds diamonds Lmao
Gerard Luiten
Gerard Luiten 3 orë më parë
Dandylion 3 orë më parë
Hey! How about surviving..... 200 DAYS IN MINECRAFT!!!
liam Quintin
liam Quintin 3 orë më parë
hi i love your vidoes pls do a turtle home again
Karl Willetts
Karl Willetts 3 orë më parë
So cute ahhhhhhggggggg
Lavina Bautista
Lavina Bautista 3 orë më parë
I love how ur minecraft grass effect is and the clouds everything mine is just normal😅💜💜
Armand Reyes
Armand Reyes 4 orë më parë
Can you do 200 please and also you seem familiar idk maybe i watched you when i was a child
xMoonlight Stars x
xMoonlight Stars x 4 orë më parë
What shader do you use?
Kaylee PHAN
Kaylee PHAN 4 orë më parë
20:58 Lizzie! you said Dimonds Not Emralds!
chihiro fujisaki
chihiro fujisaki 4 orë më parë
12:48 the creeper at the back 💀
xxx_lonelyvibes UwU
xxx_lonelyvibes UwU 6 orë më parë
The poor pigs in the bridge 🌉 😢
Necesito saber que textura usa
LilUniPotato 6 orë më parë
Just like me she immediately collects the flowers she sees at spawn 🥺
Raylene Barnes
Raylene Barnes 7 orë më parë
Me hearing her say "Silk touch for eight diamonds" and then... I NOTICED SHE SAID DIAMONDS INSTED OF EMERALDS!!! Lol Edit: I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!
zinniah melendres
zinniah melendres 8 orë më parë
the reson why the villigers turned into fishermen its because YOU HAVE SO MANY BARRLES (its true)
Morrel Freya
Morrel Freya 8 orë më parë
how did she had the bad omen effect
Zhiming Jia
Zhiming Jia 8 orë më parë
Sea turtle eggs can only hatch at night
She Khang Kiang
She Khang Kiang 8 orë më parë
Lizzie when you wanted to trade with your emeralds you said dimons.
Milena D
Milena D 8 orë më parë
this has so many views lmao I saw this in my recommended after years of not watching her
ART OF Kings
ART OF Kings 9 orë më parë
Rip bat
Harris Liusseptianus
Harris Liusseptianus 9 orë më parë
What shaders are u using Lizzie
Kora Mascorro
Kora Mascorro 9 orë më parë
I tried to make a pool in minecraft
Kora Mascorro
Kora Mascorro 9 orë më parë
I love your house lizzie
chaela 10 orë më parë
yessir yesssss she made a *town*
Technoblade stan
Technoblade stan 10 orë më parë
Finally a Minecraft ALmoresr who don’t inslave animals
꧁Teddy bear꧂
꧁Teddy bear꧂ 10 orë më parë
Can you do 1000 days of Minecraft?
Angelica 10 orë më parë
dang to good at building O_O
King Elmo
King Elmo 11 orë më parë
20:55 she said diamonds. You needed emeralds. You trying to scam them?
Kensi Clifton
Kensi Clifton 11 orë më parë
lizzie: but the bee inspired me to make a cottage garden!." me: YOU JUST MET THAT BEE-
Crush it Lanka
Crush it Lanka 12 orë më parë
I love this video can you make part 2 or make it 300. Days if you Can't it's ok
Daisyy 12 orë më parë
6:54 not the cat saying wow cuz lizzie had seeds from day 1-
SosoIlli Gamer
SosoIlli Gamer 12 orë më parë
20:57 But what's this? Silk touch for 8 Diamonds? those were emeralds .-_.-
FlowerPowerAnna 13 orë më parë
We're not going talk about how Lizzie ran home after taking honey with one heart??
m i d o r i
m i d o r i 13 orë më parë
Why is she so cute like *h o w*
Kona Jakema
Kona Jakema 13 orë më parë
Did u know when Lizzie said,"Gorgeous chocolate planks" it made me wanna eat the planks
Ilona Gałązka
Ilona Gałązka 13 orë më parë
Wow nice this video
banana bro
banana bro 13 orë më parë
F's in the chat for that horse
Mav man 22
Mav man 22 14 orë më parë
I’ll do that with my first diamond too
Morayma Rivas (Student)
Morayma Rivas (Student) 14 orë më parë
How do you make your Minecraft look like thit I really want to know can soneone pls tell me
viseul 12 orë më parë
shaders and resource packs
Myrna Qadir
Myrna Qadir 14 orë më parë
U should of stole from that demon nether portal
SimmyLu 15 orë më parë
BRANDUSA GEREANU 15 orë më parë
hayley brian
hayley brian 15 orë më parë
I just subscribed to you 😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😄😄😄😄😄🙄🙄🙄🙄
_𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪__ 15 orë më parë
Potato’s are cute Hhhjj
Potato’s are cute Hhhjj 16 orë më parë
Did anyone see that when she was mining and found a big lava lake she placed a torch down ☹️
Lauren Chang
Lauren Chang 16 orë më parë
Lizzie pls make a part 2 but with 200 days PLS!
Lucila Gonzales
Lucila Gonzales 16 orë më parë
. Me sees zombie: ya nope nope nope ☆
Ireneusz Sokołowski
Ireneusz Sokołowski 16 orë më parë
your just az unlucky like i am!! OwX me like's you video's
Audrey Carrington
Audrey Carrington 16 orë më parë
You have to put the eggs in water to hatch them.
Andrew Stokinger
Andrew Stokinger 17 orë më parë
Harvested a few SOALS???!!!
Andrew Stokinger
Andrew Stokinger 17 orë më parë
Silk touch for 8 DIAMONDS???!!!
Queen Panda Squad
Queen Panda Squad 17 orë më parë
Neeva Lozier
Neeva Lozier 17 orë më parë
i loveeeeeeeee your vids sout out pls UwU?
Saphira Cardozo
Saphira Cardozo 17 orë më parë
Lizzy made such a cutee cottage😍🥰
-AXEL S DENQUE- 18 orë më parë
I laughed when you said "kidnap the villager"😂😂😂
Tiger Beast Minecraft player
Tiger Beast Minecraft player 18 orë më parë
I like to watch your videos
Tiger Beast Minecraft player
Tiger Beast Minecraft player 18 orë më parë
Such cool lizzy I like this idea so I want to make this idea too
lina zhao
lina zhao 18 orë më parë
what is your shaders please?
Random Studios Unlimited
Random Studios Unlimited 18 orë më parë
Karen Skinner
Karen Skinner 18 orë më parë
Ld shadow lady’s husband : want McDonalds! / LD shadow : CAN I HAVE NUGGIES
Firepuppy 19 orë më parë
Lizzie next time you see a creepy demon portal, look in the chest
Hype Gaming Time
Hype Gaming Time 19 orë më parë
Lizzie: *Minecraft Pro* Me on same seed: *Dies from a zombie when I have a stone axe* 0_0 Also me: And *THAT* is why I always play Peaceful or Creative!!
Arabella 20 orë më parë
omg bruh so NOBODY is going to talk about how the dragon is female
Phosphenes_ Acatalepsy
Phosphenes_ Acatalepsy 20 orë më parë
Did I watch this whole thing: yes Did I regret the 31 minutes and 21 seconds that I can never get back: no
sienna dough
sienna dough 20 orë më parë
Can you please tell me what shader and texture pack you use.
LoorikKoorik 20 orë më parë
Pls to thous videos more🍉🍓🍎❤️🥺
Shamia Glover
Shamia Glover 20 orë më parë
Ike your. Videos shadowlady 🤩🤩🤩🤩😟😟🤩😟🥳
Shamia Glover
Shamia Glover 20 orë më parë
Iove your. Videos. Shadowlady 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Clay 21 orë më parë
Im on day 1470 and I only started 2 months ago
Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA
Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA 21 orë më parë
I watched this video 10 times now since I have nothing better to do...
ulka GOSAVI 21 orë më parë
Can you tell me how to download a Minecraft in mobile?????🤔
Maridel Egcol
Maridel Egcol 22 orë më parë
What name app are you
Boshra HUSSAINI 22 orë më parë
20:57 ... DIAMONDS!?
VictoriaMidoryia 22 orë më parë
20:57 She said diamonds 😂
BLANKA ZSOFIA NEMES 23 orë më parë
not dioms its emrol
Nat Powell
Nat Powell 23 orë më parë
Hi Lizzy! I’m one of your biggest fans!! I’m not a crazy fan girl 😂😂 I just wanted to say I used soul sand stuff for my hot tub and my friend told me too use magma blocks, I use it all the time now for my hot tubs as it doesn’t push you Up it only bubbles, if you do use magma blocks you’ll see what I mean. Thanks if you read this Lizzy! Byee ☺️❤️
Maša PY
Maša PY Ditë më parë
your so good minecraft player your buildings so beuty
sofia iliopoulou
sofia iliopoulou Ditë më parë
Liselore D'Haese
Liselore D'Haese Ditë më parë
She said diamond but it was emerald
Gemma Dsa
Gemma Dsa Ditë më parë
If you put glass in or over lava you can see if there is any diamonds underneath thats how you Xray for diamond's byeeeee love your vids!
ManSlogos Ditë më parë
What shaders does she use?
Mrs Bear
Mrs Bear Ditë më parë
I’ve literally watched this video 24 times yes I made a chart.... aLovveeeeeeeee your viddeooosss!!!! ❤️😍✨❤️❤️🎀⭐️😍
Flo go The messy
Flo go The messy Ditë më parë
The 13 iron ingots
Flo go The messy
Flo go The messy Ditë më parë
Do 200
Claudiu Ovidiu
Claudiu Ovidiu Ditë më parë
I love it
Toxic TEAM
Toxic TEAM Ditë më parë
a roof of this baby? what the f'''
Skyla Thompson
Skyla Thompson Ditë më parë
pls do 200 days
Mary Grace de Guzman
Mary Grace de Guzman Ditë më parë
''silk touch for 8 diamonds?'' ya mean emeralds-
Eliza Ioana
Eliza Ioana Ditë më parë
hi lizzie! it was really fun booping the like button! but im trying so hard to find the place you did ur house...is there any chance u could tell me the cords?
Jan Loganimoce
Jan Loganimoce Ditë më parë
bro you have nice taste
Павел Енев
Павел Енев Ditë më parë
But. I was mad at chu Lizzie. You got rid of your mending viliger. That was a pain.
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