woodsville76 23 orë më parë
@ 2.50. Bro. Do not talk to Mr Bruno about Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton as if they were revered in any way close to the level that Frank was. Not even close. A true legend.
I J 23 orë më parë
This the only womens fight I’m genuinely interested in. As great as shields is and i’m a big fan of hers, I think savannah has the style to beat her.
Bihzy 23 orë më parë
Most of the retirement reasons are 1. mistreated or bad healed injuries and 2. a lack of endurance but if both possibly can be dodged you can still fight on a high level til about 50 after it gets hard. Im 36 and still going often to the boxing gym messing with some in their 20ies and im quiet doing good 😁 Its like in bed, you just got the finesse of certain moves and technics with the age 😙 Joshua clearly takes some stuff but also becomes tired quicker than the past 40 guy and that is kind of sad!
mick c
mick c 23 orë më parë
Franks a livin Legend... Nuff said!
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 23 orë më parë
Maidana and de la Hoya give him more trouble
THE ONE 33 Ditë më parë
Tyson fury is the king now and will smash aj
sf2explus Ditë më parë
this shows floyd is one of the greats.
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell Ditë më parë
It's always easy to run your mouth when you're not trying to get hit.
GAME OVER Ditë më parë
This journeyman bum getting beat again...talks the talk but has never walked the walk
Richard Carter
Richard Carter Ditë më parë
So humble, Love ya Frank...doesn't matter how long you held the title, YOU were champ of the whole world!!
Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis Ditë më parë
Thank you youtube
ksdogg Ditë më parë
I had to go to Spain
Tony Lyons
Tony Lyons Ditë më parë
5.37 bash his 100K camera lol
Aleks Damo
Aleks Damo Ditë më parë
49:36 loma was about to start a riot at ringside 😂
Greg Man
Greg Man Ditë më parë
I don't like him as a person. But mayweather jr no doubtly has to be considered one of the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring. (IMO, He is second after Roy Jones Jr)
upside down world exposed
upside down world exposed Ditë më parë
My favourite part of all of this is when the commentator goes "go on Frank get in there " when Frank is giving it to Mike .gave me tingles..if you know then you know !
David Steenson
David Steenson Ditë më parë
Roy would have beaten Collins. Collins is acting like a prick.
Colm Gray
Colm Gray Ditë më parë
He'll probably run through him like laxatives
Jason Hufton
Jason Hufton Ditë më parë
I preferred the first fight !
David Kinsella
David Kinsella Ditë më parë
No matter how rich or honoured or what age, Frank always seems like one of the lads. Nice bloke.
Carholic Ditë më parë
Marku is the Conor mcgregor of boxing 😂
Freddie Lees
Freddie Lees Ditë më parë
2 was better then 1
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech Ditë më parë
How the hell can a rich person say lockdown has been challenging, with his huge gardens and outdoor pool and tennis court, these people haven't got a clue or know anything about the struggles of lockdown,
michael johnson
michael johnson Ditë më parë
I still have a Frank Bruno VHS documentary from 1993 its a full of good stuff
Rugby Vault
Rugby Vault Ditë më parë
“When he stared down Valuev”, I’d like to see that.
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski Ditë më parë
not saying fury didnt win as the fight was close but 98-92 to fury is ridiculous. terry oconnor special
thebadloser Ditë më parë
I remember watching the fight at the time. Bruno looked nervous as he climbed in the ring - Tyson put most of his previous opponents to sleep in the first round so who can blame him? But for those first few rounds Bruno had him severely rattled - the first fighter at that point to do so. I've often wondered if Bruno was just too nice for boxing. Tyson was brutal and meanseemed to enjoy pulverising his opponents. Frank was never like that.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Ditë më parë
2021 reccommend
john joe
john joe Ditë më parë
I followed Boxing for many years, yet I did not realise how much of a Master Boxer Floyd is, one of the greatest of all time. 👊👍🙂
XxYee2xX 1
XxYee2xX 1 Ditë më parë
Ksi trying to talk about BOXING LOGAN: WHaTs 1÷5
1099231 Ditë më parë
The best laugh! 😂
Adesegun Adekoya
Adesegun Adekoya Ditë më parë
Fake champion.
saif Malik
saif Malik Ditë më parë
Frank is huge
Callum Moore
Callum Moore Ditë më parë
i laugh at every other thing tony says
Rebecca Betts
Rebecca Betts Ditë më parë
in the thumbnail ethan looks like he's eating his mic
Kris Mallinson
Kris Mallinson Ditë më parë
Hope this aint ppv as its not ppv fight i defo wont b buying if is
Joe Eightys
Joe Eightys Ditë më parë
Think sky are forgetting Marcos Maidana.
Gordon Chuck
Gordon Chuck Ditë më parë
Carl Froch is totally irrelevant . God has blessed you. The shall gather it will not bear fruit.
David Steenson
David Steenson Ditë më parë
We can all pull abarrrt.
Gavin Foreman
Gavin Foreman Ditë më parë
Didn't Bruno have the hardest punch?
Gib Nolan
Gib Nolan Ditë më parë
Eye fautz Day vidz ay
Ian Lewis
Ian Lewis Ditë më parë
Totally underrated. Never given the credit he deserved.
S_ Byberi
S_ Byberi Ditë më parë
The_red_ barron
The_red_ barron Ditë më parë
Mayweather was a brilliant fighter, but he was so boring to watch this is supposed to be the 'toughest round of his career' and it's still fairly dull.
simon pieman
simon pieman Ditë më parë
Carl Turner
Carl Turner Ditë më parë
Two points 1 Jim Watt was NEVER a great fighter 2 Carl Froch was so bitter that Joe Calzaghe never fought him but i believe Calzaghe would have embarrassed Froch 🥊🥊🥊.
Joe Bickerton
Joe Bickerton Ditë më parë
Think his bad English makes him sound even more arrogant
Ian Mcatamney
Ian Mcatamney Ditë më parë
The muppet show
Danksy Arts
Danksy Arts Ditë më parë
wtf is wrong with gibs legs
lukemarlow2 Ditë më parë
Hayes body was broken but regardless gave it a good bash. Still a legend!
Sentinel Ditë më parë
Guy was a walking concrete slab with pistons for arms. Most underrated boxer of his generation 🥊
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski Ditë më parë
sky acting like they dont host scorecard robberies every other weekend
Pete J
Pete J Ditë më parë
Very gracious about watson. But to be honest, watson wasnt box office
PhflyDan1 Ditë më parë
Big Lou was gonna get knocked CLEAN OUT! Ref done him a MASSIVE favour.
EB Entertainment
EB Entertainment Ditë më parë
Who's the hell is this Connor Ben... I thought we are talking about Connor Mc Gregor....
The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord
The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord Ditë më parë
Mayweather is the biggest tool to ever put on the boxing gloves, but his record speaks for itself. The man was a phenomenal talent.
Fus1oN COlD
Fus1oN COlD Ditë më parë
This match at least drow. But yeah unless u knock out someone ur not sure u can win. 😀
Victor Bartlett
Victor Bartlett Ditë më parë
You gotta love Dillian ... Proper stand up guy!
Big Boy
Big Boy Ditë më parë
Can’t believe this guy trains jake Paul
Phil Martin
Phil Martin Ditë më parë
We were all happy when Frank won the title man he worked hard for it! Most popular boxer since Henry the old father Christmas laugh gets us every time magic! Keep going Dillian honest fighter you'll make some decent money maybe get the title good luck. Fury and Joshua are so massive tough jobs for anyone. The current top ten are all very good fighters.
Ray Doyle
Ray Doyle Ditë më parë
Bruno should NOT have been paid for that stink out against Tyson in their second fight. He didn't even try. Hugsville.
WELLSIANA62 Ditë më parë
he has since said the weight of the hat did it ...love how the Sky team so pro him ..lol
imuhammadnow Ditë më parë
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Ditë më parë
I bet Bruno is still scared of Tyson? There will no revenge match on Triller?
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Ditë më parë
Those forearm and elbow shots that fighters land must take a lot of practice. It's hard enough getting punches to land on the boxing pads at the gym. To follow through with the forearm or elbow takes a lot of work?
Az1 Ditë më parë
Raph Walker
Raph Walker Ditë më parë
Lewis avenged him.
eamonn roche
eamonn roche Ditë më parë
Mayweather was good at attacking. When he had to defend he just grabbed onto his opponent so he wouldnt get hit. Referee then stepped in giving him chance to recover.
Magesa Khamis
Magesa Khamis Ditë më parë
@10:11 the British was thanking the referee
Magesa Khamis
Magesa Khamis Ditë më parë
Everybody has his own plan , until he/she is hit on the head, everything changes for good
Harrison Parks
Harrison Parks Ditë më parë
Any one else see the embarrassment on hearts face when bellow tells him to get off 😂😂
vytexx Ditë më parë
if u look at the left at 1:38 i think you can see jj girlfriend in the white or black dress
about the metal
about the metal Ditë më parë
I the Frank Bruno had been knighted, am I wrong?
Colin Brigham
Colin Brigham Ditë më parë
Frank was and is great 🤗 detractors have you been where he has ,good man Frank thanks for all your years of entertainment
steve rochford
steve rochford Ditë më parë
I used to go to Frank brunos House.. in Hornchurch.. lovely bloke my hero...
DJ_RMUSIC Ditë më parë
If Logan only landed that one upper cut then stepped back he’d of probably won, the fact he continued and when he went down made him lose -2 points and lost the fight. Would of been a massive turn around if Logan did win especially with ksi trash talk, would of been funny.
Ranj Singh
Ranj Singh Ditë më parë
Who’s actually Connor fought, he’s a normal fighter
Guy Jones
Guy Jones Ditë më parë
Funny... like budding actors... screentesting..
Sabit Kokollari
Sabit Kokollari Ditë më parë
Florjan marku gjak shqipes 🇦🇱🇦🇱
PROSTO4Tabal Ditë më parë
Joshua box fast (kind of street fight) and intense at few moments, because he was affraid of Pulev, this is visible is you know human behaviour. Pulev is better boxer, but hi didn't box quick this fight, thats why he lost. If could happened more fights between them, you'll see who's the best.