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민석 진
민석 진 22 orë më parë
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Omniknight 22 orë më parë
Does that mean the USA Qualify for the next Confederations Cup now?
Addison Mira
Addison Mira 22 orë më parë
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Carla95 Beach74
Carla95 Beach74 22 orë më parë
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El antropólogo troyano
El antropólogo troyano 22 orë më parë
Con esta selección uno de jugado la H, contra México si no Que pusieron otros jugadores
Henry Kaspar
Henry Kaspar 22 orë më parë
One touch Mendy, one touch Chilwell, three touches Mount, two touches Havertz, goal.
Kiarah B yanice
Kiarah B yanice 23 orë më parë
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Mike Selling
Mike Selling 23 orë më parë
These highlights are bogus. You’d think Canada dominated the match, which was not the case. Also, the officiating was a disgrace to the sport. Just as Canada was running out of steam in the second half, the ref had an inexplicable injury (he just simply collapsed grabbing his ankle), and, as a result, stopped the match for about 15 to 20 min - giving Canada ample time to catch their breath. And, at the end of the match, he only added 5 min of stoppage time. And that last yellow card shown in these highlights? Go find the play and watch for yourself!
feilong 23 orë më parë
Keep quiet my man, and watch the game.
Damilkman 21
Damilkman 21 23 orë më parë
It’s like I’m watching nba a bunch of flopping
Jon Tea
Jon Tea Ditë më parë
5:16 12:23
Carlos Arce
Carlos Arce Ditë më parë
I don’t get why Guardado was the one to take the penalty it should have been Lozano
Bill Misiura
Bill Misiura Ditë më parë
Being a Chelsea fan from PA, you can imagine my excitement when not only a US player was coming to Chelsea but a Pennsylvanian. Seeing him make this much of an impact on Chelsea's Champions League Winning campaign was a was a dream come true.
AUTO TUBE Ditë më parë
Awesome game! 😁😄😆
Matthew Rocha
Matthew Rocha Ditë më parë
Michael Bradley gone, and we finally have a team that's dangerous
octanina21 Ditë më parë
These commentators are great
A S Z T R E O Ditë më parë
less go panama on tusday were going to crush cracao
Marcia Higgins
Marcia Higgins Ditë më parë
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Lexi Xxx
Lexi Xxx Ditë më parë
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TIME to RELAX Ditë më parë
That’s why the soccer is the most popular sport in the word!❤️😍
Up Yurz
Up Yurz Ditë më parë
This game was so boring that the majority of highlights showed the teams coming out of the tunnel and the substitutions.
william martinez
william martinez Ditë më parë
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Higher Motivation
Higher Motivation Ditë më parë
Thought that was good? Watch this! It’s hilarious! I guarantee it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever watch!! LINK:
Josue Rubio
Josue Rubio Ditë më parë
Por Dios vendito como se pueden emoxionar con esa selecta ganandoles a equipos q practicamente no existen meda gustoo q fueguen bien contra usa o mex aunq pierdamos
Best game of 2021
David Jefferson
David Jefferson Ditë më parë
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Mark M
Mark M Ditë më parë
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YourPlug Ditë më parë
We really took those Dempsey and Howard days for granted bcuz what even is this team. You could prolly say the same for Mexico with Chicharito.
Hudson Stewart
Hudson Stewart Ditë më parë
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CHELSKI9 Ditë më parë
That ref is an embarrassment to the sport. Edit: after watching the video on mute, I read a few comments... Yeah the commentary is pretty terrible too lol.
Luvs Logistics
Luvs Logistics Ditë më parë
I love this rivalry. I love USA but oddly when Mexico plays other countries, I root for them; hard not to appreciate the work ethic and technical ability.
Sam Caldwell
Sam Caldwell Ditë më parë
Why do Chelsea not make Pulisic take corners
Maryann Reyes
Maryann Reyes Ditë më parë
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pucia mateu
pucia mateu Ditë më parë
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HainouzCrimez Ditë më parë
It was a great game. But let’s be realistic. The defender from Mexico 🇲🇽 who had no one around him. Tripped over himself and the ball squirmed away out of bounds which led to the corner kick. Is the reason the USA 🇺🇸 team got back in the game. Not even 2 mins had passed when that super sub for Mexico came in and blasted that goal. The momentum was crazy. But that was the defining moment in the game which gave enough momentum for the US team to push thru. Instant classic..
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Ditë më parë
USA sucks sad
corey meyer
corey meyer Ditë më parë
great victory for USA and the NEW TRUMP ADMINISTRATION!!!! mexico didn't stand a chance biden/harris let all the good mexicans in america already...... IT'S A JOKE PEOPLE......
El Seis
El Seis Ditë më parë
The high schools in the US have better fields/stadiums than this
iKon business
iKon business Ditë më parë
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may _ lay trucker
may _ lay trucker Ditë më parë
Where's the Atiba ? Mr screaming commentator 😁
DivierTV 4K
DivierTV 4K Ditë më parë
Soy hondureño y digo una mierda Honduras 🇭🇳 Ni penalear saben los basuras
Carla Dahl
Carla Dahl Ditë më parë
Seriously, what is wrong with mehico and their fans??? Multiple players with their hands around the throats of the USA players and the fans.....they are even worse....they are uncivilized, immature and in serious need of a redo with how they were raised. Such a shame. No excuse whatsoever.......passion? about the biggest group of poor sports I’ve ever seen.
Tony Gozina
Tony Gozina Ditë më parë
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Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Ditë më parë
I understand Micah Richard is not too happy about City pressing, because they were cut up the field on too my occasion. But that's the way Man City plays the game. The way Man City plays is perfect for Chelsea as a team, because one area people don't see is how good Chelsea are on the ball. So when City press them, they pass it around and boy, they're fast. City must learn to become defensive when they play Chelsea. Don't play Chelsea the say way u play PSG, it will not work, because Chelsea attack with high speed that if u don't have enough people to defend, they will score. Sorry City, Chelsea were better
Arlette Piccione
Arlette Piccione Ditë më parë
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Adrian Ditë më parë
Mbappe 🔥
sauber von Herzen
sauber von Herzen Ditë më parë
1:44 I wanna know what young Renya said to homebody to instantly heal him of his severe ankle injury and get him to jump up off the pitch.....😂
No Life
No Life Ditë më parë
Look. I'm a gringo but I respect Mexicans. You're our neighbors and we should get along. There is too much hostility between Mexicans and Americans in this comment section. It's sad
Arlette Piccione
Arlette Piccione Ditë më parë
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Jeremy Miles
Jeremy Miles Ditë më parë
Great recap
gato69 Ditë më parë
Leblanc Justin
Leblanc Justin Ditë më parë
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Bailey Basham
Bailey Basham Ditë më parë
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Mr. E
Mr. E Ditë më parë
Why Henry Martin why?!! Mexico need to do a better job in choosing the team
Omar Macedo
Omar Macedo Ditë më parë
They stole that game just like they stole this land
Joseph Grabianowski
Joseph Grabianowski Ditë më parë
This is not your land because of the fact that you did not create it. I don't like soccer.
Stella willium
Stella willium Ditë më parë
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Zayd Shakur
Zayd Shakur Ditë më parë
I think Team USA has found a winning formula.
Prìncė_Cēdrìcd Ditë më parë
The commentary hold his breath and said goal
Kevin Jabalera
Kevin Jabalera Ditë më parë
What a good game
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez Ditë më parë
As a Salvadoran fan I want curaçao to qualify cuz we always seem to beat them and not Panama
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes Ditë më parë
As an American, I agree with you
James Kryml
James Kryml Ditë më parë
Lmaoooo the field though
Raimondo Saracino
Raimondo Saracino Ditë më parë
both team played well , great game . as a European I must say that with those defenses ,if those team play EURO 20 20., they go home from group with 10 goals in the net in tre games. no offense . Italy.
TheAlcatraz3 Ditë më parë
If Mexico were to win, how would Home Depot have any employees left?
Jay Gregg
Jay Gregg Ditë më parë
Was at this game. Easily the best soccer/football match I have ever been to. I couldn't talk for three days after because my voice was gone from all the yelling! Probably the best game ever between the two sides.
volooooo Ditë më parë
I hope Mexico loses every game when they use those horrid Black and Pink jerseys!
Boss G3
Boss G3 Ditë më parë
U . S . A
Hoàng Linh
Hoàng Linh Ditë më parë
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Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Ditë më parë
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chao tran
chao tran Ditë më parë
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Jose De Luna
Jose De Luna Ditë më parë
La verdad para que haiga ganancia finansiera tiene que jugar Mexico para darle el pase como sienpre a esta otra selecion Fue un robo como aveses a pasado
Larry The lobster
Larry The lobster Ditë më parë
Great match
yusuf labaran
yusuf labaran Ditë më parë
i reckon sane was on crack no cap
No Name
No Name Ditë më parë
Hopefully Curaçao can win!! 🙏 coming from a mexican american
Will Balbin
Will Balbin Ditë më parë
We need this referee in the world cup.